Use the Blackjack Technique: Big Chances to Beat the Banker

Although blackjack is simple and fun, if you just want to pass the time at a party and play blackjack with three or five friends, or relatives and friends, then of course winning or losing is not so important at this time! The key is to cultivate feelings. But if you often go to the casino, or you have been in an online casino for a while, such as cgebet com blackjack, if you want to win the card as the ultimate goal, it is not so easy to make money, because in the casino or online, the chance of winning It has always been in the dealer’s favor, with the exception of this blackjack game.

What is a blackjack game? How is it different from a general poker game?

Blackjack is a simple and fun poker game. If it is just to pass the time with relatives and friends or to heat up the atmosphere, then it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. But in a casino or online casino it is different, you want to win money, but the boss also wants to make money, so it can be said that almost all gambling games are more favorable to the dealer, with the exception of blackjack.
Blackjack may still have a high house advantage in the early stage, but the difference is that each round of other games is an independent event, but blackjack is different, and each round of it will affect the development of the subsequent situation. In addition, because blackjack has two other unspoken rules: busting (the number of cards in the hand exceeds 21), and the dealer’s hand is less than 17 points and needs to make up cards. These are the opportunities that game players can grasp when playing blackjack. Skill.

How to count cards to win in blackjack?

If you want to win at 21:00, you must memorize the card counting method: A, 10, J, Q, K of poker cards are regarded as “big cards”, 2~5 points are regarded as “small cards”, and 7~9 are not listed. into the calculation. +1 if you encounter a high card, -1 if you encounter a low card. After adding and subtracting these numbers, the larger the number obtained, the more small cards left in the deck, that is to say, the dealer is less likely to bust when he draws, which is more beneficial to the dealer; on the contrary, if The smaller the number, the more favorable the game player is.
Therefore, game players must be very patient to record the numbers of each deal when they start to play blackjack, and they can start betting according to the situation after a few rounds. For example: in the 10th round, the recorded number is -7, which means that the cards currently dealt are almost all low cards, which means that the probability of the dealer busting will increase. Therefore, the game player can stop the draw in time, and wait for the dealer to bust and become the loser. Of course, this is just a little trick to win money at blackjack. Remember that all tricks are not 100% useful. If they were really useful, the casino would have closed long ago. So remember:
cgebet reminds players to control the funds in their hands: players must always pay attention to their wallets and manage their funds well so that they can continue to play or leave the table.
Carefully record the results of each round: If you want to use this kind of card counting method, you must record the results of each round of blackjack very carefully, so as to increase the winning rate.
Calm judgment: Don’t panic when you lose money, and don’t be too proud when you win. It’s an inconvenient rule in casinos. Only calm judgment and sticking to your own strategy is the best policy.

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