Your chance to get rich quick!

Blast is a simple game that involves guessing and thinking quickly. The rules are simple: place your bet, wait for the ball to go up. The multiplier will then increase depending on how close you were to guessing correctly. Once it stops, you need to cash out before your money is lost. With Blast, there’s no need to imagine what could happen if a ball comes down after being shot up into the air. Just place your bet and watch the fun begin!

How to play Blast?

Blast games are an exciting game at cgebet. The timer is always ticking away and there’s a lot of money on the table at all times. Your strategy should not change when it comes to these games, but your tactics will change drastically. At the start of each round, you have the option of raising or calling, so take advantage of that to build the pot with a strong hand before going all-in. If you can play a full stack for both raise and call options, then you’ll have more ammunition in later rounds to get aggressive with your all-in bets.

Quick explanation:

  • The player needs to place a bet and then wait till the cannon strikes.
  • The player needs to click on “cash out” button before the coefficient explodes.
  • The player wins if he or she cashes out before the coefficient explodes.
  • The player loses if he or she hasn’t cashed out before the coefficient explodes.


  • The game RTP is 96%
  • Minimum bet amount is 0.1 FUN.
  • Maximum bet amount is 1,000 FUN.
  • Maximum win amount is 10,000 FUN.
  • The winning amount is calculated by multiplying the coefficient by the bet’s amount.

Blast is a simple, addictive and fun game at cgebet3

If you’re looking for a fun, simple game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, Blast is the perfect fit. Blast is all about entertainment and making money! The aim of the game is to get big cash payouts. As a player, you need to carefully consider when you need to call it quits. The concept is simple and the gameplay is fast paced, making it easy to get lost in the fun.