Sic Bo game betting strategies, cracking skills, and winning formulas allow you to enjoy yourself on the gaming table

Sic Bo game rules and gameplay introduction
Sic Bo, commonly known as betting sizing, is a method of gambling with only 3 dice. Players place bets on the dealer. Before each bet, the dealer shakes 3 dice in a covered container. When all players have placed their bets, the dealer will open the container and pay out the prizes. It is the fastest revealed and heart-pounding game. A common bet is to buy the sizing of the dice (the total number of points is 4 to 10, which is called small, and 11 to 17 is big, except for round dice). Sic Bo has also become one of the popular games in many casinos, such as cgebet cash in, from blackjack to Sic Bo, cgebet offers a variety of game types to suit your taste.
Many players think that there is no way to win in Sic Bo, but in fact, if you don’t want to win, as long as you can win money, you can enjoy the fun of Sic Bo games. At this time, you need the winning formula of Sic Bo skills to play up. First of all, three betting strategies are distinguished according to [betting risk level]:

Low Risk Betting Strategy

To adopt a low-risk betting strategy is to try to bet in the betting area with a small advantage of the banker, such as betting on the sizing (the banker only has a 2.78% advantage) and betting on numbers. Low risk means low return, so after you are familiar with it, you should Consider a higher paying Sic Bo strategy.

Medium Risk Betting Strategy

The medium-risk Sic Bo betting strategy is more suitable for players who want to win big money but do not want to take too much risk. This Sic Bo strategy is mainly to increase the chance of winning money by using a combination of bets. For example, if two dice result in 1, then the sum of the three dice may be 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, not 9, 10, 11 or 12. So if you Bet in the area, you might as well place a bet in pair 1, so the possibility of guessing is more likely. If you want to bet on the total amount, it is best to bet on 9, 10, 11 or 12, because the combination of these sums is the most and the probability of winning is the greatest.

High risk betting strategy

When the player is in full swing, you can also try the high-risk Sic Bo betting strategy. High risk often means high return, especially when luck is good, and the player’s tolerance for risk is relatively improved. The strategy is the same as the medium-risk strategy above, and betting on the total points of the dice and the combination of pairs. When the sum of the dice is 8, it is impossible to have a pair of 4, a pair of 5 or a pair of 6, but there may be a pair of 1, 2 or to 3.

Next, I will introduce [Sic Bo Game Cracking Skills], so that players can enjoy the fast, hard and accurate fun in the Sic Bo game!

Sic Bo game cracking skills

[Crack 1: The Law of Large Numbers]
The probability of the occurrence of points can be recorded by statistics. When certain values appear densely, it may cool down a little bit and appear other values, and then start to heat up slowly, and reappear the densely appeared before. Numerical values, so the law of large numbers is a strategy that can be used well.

[Crack 2: Start from the ratio of sizing]
If you are a player who is new to the table or new to Sic Bo, you can start by buying big or small at the beginning, and observe the changes in the dice points on the table, and then start to try other betting options such as

single, double, large, small
Sum 4or7, Sum 5or16, Sum 6or15, Sum 7or14, Sum 8or13, Sum 9 or 10 or 11 or 12
Round dice, full dice, short card, long card, single dice, double dice, same dice, etc. betting methods.

[Crack 3: The best betting combination design under the law of large numbers]
Before going to the table, you can try to observe the distribution of points in each game of the table, and then start betting on specific values or combinations.

For example, if your betting combination is single, big and double dice, then you will plan for the points drawn in each game, and under what circumstances betting single or big or double dice, to find the most profitable combination.

[Crack 4: Avoid continuous betting on dice]
Surrounding dice means that the points of three dice are the same as the points of betting, and the odds are 1:150.

But when you have successfully predicted the value in the dice cup, the probability of another round of dice is very low, and most bets will make you lose money, which is the same as continuous betting on unpopular cards.

[Crack 5: Betting Behavior with Low Abandonment Probability]
Among all the betting options, there are many options with higher odds, but the probability of these options appearing is low, so if you keep betting on these options that only appear once in a while, it will make you lose money. Most of the betting money is lost, so it should be laid out in a way that accumulates less and wins more easily.

[Crack 6: Reduce the banker’s casino advantage and customize the betting target]
Any set of probability systems cannot guarantee 100% effective prediction and reduce the house advantage of the banker. In the long run, the banker will definitely win, so you still have to rely on your own set of betting mentality and set goals to be able to win on the table. Have the last laugh.

Sic Bo is a very common, easiest, and suitable for beginners to join. However, if you want to win and make money at the table, you must plan well in your mind, observe the wind direction and probability in the game, and define yourself The betting strategy, with the goal of winning money instead of winning, enjoy the fun of Sic Bo games! In addition, if you want to get more popular casino games, cgebet will be a place you can’t miss. The live casino of cgebet gives you the opportunity to play Bet on casino games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat in a unique environment, including betting with live dealers. If you have any questions or would like more information, cgebet’s 24/7 customer service team is here to help.

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