Roulette also has strategy formulas! Luck alone is not enough
How to win at roulette?

If you have ever been to Macau, I believe you will definitely go to the casino to play a game or two to feel the atmosphere. There are so many casino games that you will be dazzled. Among them, roulette is a special game in the casino. There is a very lively host on the scene. Participate for a small fee and get a feel for the luxury of the casino. These two kinds of games are also launched in online casinos now, as long as you learn a little skill, you can feel the presence of Macau casinos without going abroad, just like playing cgebet online registration, players can play on mobile phones, tablets or desktops Enjoy live dealer games onboard. cgebet’s 3D graphics and multiple camera angles put you right into the action. cgebet games range from classics like blackjack and roulette to more modern favorites like baccarat, craps and sic bo.

Roulette must win:

There are two types of roulette – European roulette and American roulette. The biggest difference between the two is that there are two 0s on the turntable of American roulette, while European roulette has only one 0. At present, most of the roulettes in live games in online casinos are European-style.
You can choose to bet on red and black, single or double or big (19-36) small (1-18), and you can also bet on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd horizontal bet or the 1st straight bet , 2, and 3 columns, if you want a higher odds, you can also bet on a single number, although it is more difficult to win, but once you win, the odds can be quite a lot.

Roulette strategy:

  1. Think of Roulette as Baccarat
    You can bet on red and black, big or small, single or even. You only choose to bet on one of them, and don’t consider the others, because you can observe the road opened by the roulette wheel, but don’t chase the long dragon (big, long, small, long black, long dragon) … etc.), because you don’t know which is the dragon, and if you are too persistent in chasing the dragon in roulette, you may lose badly.
  2. The Facts of Using Alternating Bets
    Also choose a single game, for example: betting in the order of red, black, red and black, starting from the lowest bet, one bet, two bets, three bets, and slowly increase the bet. The advantage of this is that even if there is a long queue, you still make a profit , if you observe a short pattern, you can bet twice on a color, and then continue, be careful not to change frequently, otherwise the road you finally caught will run away.
  3. Don’t bet with numbers
    The biggest taboo in the game of roulette is to be greedy to get numbers. There are always 37 numbers on a roulette wheel. If you hold down any number, the odds are 1:35. If you get 34 numbers in one hand, analyze it from the probability of the roulette wheel. It is also possible to draw another 3 numbers
    Assuming that every number in each round is averagely bet, from the analysis of the probability, as long as there is no bag, it will take 34 games to win it back, so the return on investment of the bag number is actually quite low, remember not to play roulette The package number, otherwise you may lose all the money you won in one game.
  4. Roulette flat injection method
    The bet amount for each hand is fixed, and the return is also fixed. Relatively speaking, the risk is relatively small, because you bet that your hit probability is 2/3 for each bet, that is, bet about 24 numbers out of 36 numbers. And how to choose the 24 numbers? Of course, it is to use the historical road list of roulette to choose the 24 numbers that appear the most times. In addition, you can also observe the results of the first 36 occurrences of the roulette, and see the comparison results of the occurrences of 1~12, 13~24, and 25~36.
    The most important thing in the roulette game is not to keep betting the money you won, otherwise you will lose all of it very quickly. You must know how to defend when you win, so that you can win more and lose less in gambling. cgebet’s live casino brings you a fully customizable, high-quality live dealer experience. You can set limits, control game speed and chat directly with your dealer.

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